Fashion Guide: How To Shop Plus Size Swimsuits


When it comes to shopping swimsuits, there are three tips for every body type. That's because of the fact that we want you to prepare to be a cool, beach bombshell for the summer. From tummy trimming suits to shops that lift your girls up, these amazing style tricks will definitely have you feeling super flattered All Summer Long when it comes to fitting into a new swimsuit. No matter what your size, you'll want to feel like a complete sun-goddess when it comes to the Summer sun and spending time in your swimsuit. Below is a great fashion guide on how to shop plus size swimsuits for every size girl.


Slimming Your Hips

Sometimes we just don't feel so hot when it comes to our bathing suits. That's because the fact that we're not sure how to style our particular shape in those bathing suits. If you have hips and want to slim them down in appearance, don't go with a wild print on the bottom. The less going on down on your bottom half of your swimsuit, the less people's eyes will gravitate. Bring the focus up with a cute top in a lighter color or with a gorgeous pattern, or even pretty little details. You may even want to go for a little higher cut bottom as well. Following these rules will definitely slim you in the hips when it comes to your swimsuit for the summer.


To Boost Your Small Bust

Let's face it, just because you're plus size doesn't mean you're well endowed in the chest. If you want to boost a small bust don't forget the underwire. Lane Bryant offers you swimwear with the Cacique bra frame you love - built right in! What you're used to buying in their lingerie, now comes in their swimwear. This gives you shape to a small bust, and the illusion that your chest is a little bit more endowed than it is. Also, you should go for extras like Ruffles, pleading, or even beating. These effects add a visual interest - just don't go for a bandeau top. This will make you seem a little bit smaller.


When It Comes To Tummy Control

Many women hate their stomachs. It doesn't matter if you've had children or haven't had children, if you are plus size or not plus size. Many women simply hate their tummies. If you're looking for a little bit of tummy control the kind you would find in a pair of pantyhose or Spanx, do not go for a shiny suit. Shiny bathing suits and swimsuits often highlight every bit of extra lumps and bumps that you have all over. And that swimsuit is much better when it comes to trimming the tummy. Also, you should definitely skip out on the tankini. Many 10 kitties are very clingy and striped, and do not fit your style. However, you should show some skin when it comes to slimming your tummy with a high-cut leg.